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CHYOA.COM is a choose your own adventure site that primarily features erotica, the difference from other sites with similar ideas is that other users can add additional paths to the story,expanding it in a different direction. In our case the original author(TheDespaxas)has opened up his story to other writers on the condition that they follow the rules of the established lore and adhere to a certain level of quality in their writing*.

*A small note to potential new writers: The process of becoming an author of "The Gamer" takes a long time to complete and is not as simple as it sounds, so do take note of that if you decide you want to take a part in writing a branch of this story.

All stories branch off of TheDespaxas story ("trunk") unless otherwise specified.

It is highly recommended that you don't skip out on chapters that are "on the way" to the path/branch that you want to get to. prior chapters that come before are considered a part of the branch's story , and provide context that may be important to understand it.

Branch locations and descriptions: Edit

TheDespaxas (Starts with 1. "Introduction")

In a pure gamer mindset John knows that what you have is often less important than how you use it. Follow this branch to learn how he will trick his way into power and wealth, use his wits to survive, and smooth talk girls from this world and a few others. At heart a trickster of sort, nerdy and pervy, he learns to deal with responsibilities to build a better life for himself and his loved ones.
TheScyle[Dropped] (Starts with 5. "Time to find some answers", branching off from TheDespaxas' 4. "Panty-snatcher")
Description here.

Funatic (Starts with 3. "Crafty", branching off from TheDespaxas' 2. "Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional.S

In my branch you will find: FUN, followed by some minor misery followed by more fun. Banter, some politics, lots of fighting gals and a wide, fighting harem sprinkled into one of the higher-fantasy branches (centered all around the Abyssal globe) around, the adventures of an Arcane and Elemental using John.

Neo_kenka (Starts with 11. "A fae encounter", branching off from TheDespaxas' 10. "Applied Maths")

John the Wayfaring Summoner. With portals, minions, and a metaphysical temple of hot bitches in his head, John tries to navigate the Abyssal multiverse as he comes to grips with cross-dimensional tyranny, gray moral dilemmas, and a singular truth: that reality is a dream, and only a madman would wake the sleeper
Lalelilo69 (Starts with 3. "Hungry", branching off from TheDespaxas' 2. "Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional.")
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Is this Avatar: The Last Airbender? No, but it’s super similar because in this branch, John will gain the power of the four elements. Along the way he will meet sexy ladies, summon sexy allies, and battle sexy enemies. But what’s a bunch of sexy without sex? Not this branch, because John will fuck them all (some exclusions may apply).
MythenOakhier[Closed] (Starts with 2. "No Time", branching off from TheDespaxas' 1. "Introduction")
A branch that combines Necromancy and assassin skills, Final Fantasy VII and other games. Watch for the recurring death of an antagonist.

IWriteWithATalon (Starts with 3. "Tricky." branching off from TheDespaxas' 2. "Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional")

Hi everybody! I'm IWriteWithATalon, and my branch is focused around John finding true allies in an Abyss filled with war. Given the ability to Purify Abyssal creatures into living beings, will he engage his own flawed world or retreat into a perfected one of his own creation? Only time - and a lot of ridiculous leveling - will tell. Draws inspiration heavily from Hellsing, Disgaea, and a variety of other sources.
Razorswift (Starts with 11. "Actually...", branching off from TheDespaxas' 10. "Applied Maths")
'ello Razorswift here, if you're looking for a branch filled with Viking chicks, video game hijinks, softcore BDSM and weird crafting, then you've come to the right place. Also, I have some nice mystery and a lot of unique ideas for Barriers if you're into that. Storywise it’ll be a mix of mystery and urban fantasy.
Zewesman (Starts with 3. "Smartly", branching off from TheDespaxas' 2. "Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional.")
Tired of all the goodie two shoes mage Johns flinging magic spells at every bad guy? Tired of him always solving other people’s problems for little to no gain for himself? Want a John that kicks ass, takes names, and fucks who he wants? Then this is the branch for you! Featuring the module system, allowing John to be a number of different RPG classes (as well as others) for an exciting time!
Cliffe (Starts with 6. "It's not all that much of a surprise really..." branching off from TheDespaxas' 5. "Boring literature, zen and girl watching")
In this branch, John goes down the path of building into his strength stat and using strength based abilities. He learns how to fight in hand to hand (melee) combat and has a tendency to rush headlong into new problems. Lots of domination and submission in this branch. Read through here to find out one of the things that might happen when John starts out without the guidance of a Warden or another Abyssal entity to help him on his path.
CalamitousIntent (Starts with 4. "An interruption" branching off from TheDespaxas' 3. "Guilty.")
Do you like explorations of mental trauma, hideous monsters from beyond reality and the sense of being tossed around like a ball in a park full of dobermans? Then you might find my take on John appealing. Yes, there is also sex too, I promise.
aVeryHotApplePie (Starts with 9. "Skipping school for the day can't hurt, can it?", branching from Funatic's 8. "Wisdom.")
You’ll find plenty of sword and sorcery in the other branches, and if that’s your thing you’ll find it here too. What there hasn’t been until now is a John equipped with some good old charm. So come right this way if you’re looking for a swashbuckling John built primarily in charisma. My branch is heavily inspired by grimm-dark fairy tales and the Persona series. Either way, tune in here goofs, gaffs, and wolf girls to keep you entertained in this branch!

Izix (Starts with 3. "Creatively", branching from 2. "Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional") optional")

I am Izix, huntmaster, a man of cutes and the lord of python. Do you like bad jokes, archery, pets and derps? Then this is the branch for you. Oh and I have lewds and shortstacks. I even lewd shortstacks now and then.
TheGunsIinger(Starts with 11. "Rumination and Observation", branching off from TheDespaxas' 10. "Applied Maths")
Howdy folks! If you like Classic Rock, Gun-combat and complex romantic relationships then look no further than my branch for a nice mix of all three! Read as John undertakes the long path from being a lonely, unskilled nerd to a fierce, beloved bounty hunter!

Dargon(Starts with 11. "Observations and Experimentation", branching off from TheDespaxas' 10. "Applied Maths")

In this branch John is shaping up to be a technomancer, as well as learning to work with a new system of Mana conductance. There are people who wanna make him a battery but those people are everywhere.
InsignificantItem (Starts off with 2."Hard decisions" branching off from TheDespaxas' 1."Indroduction")
In this branch John is solving the disappearance of his art teacher June Summers with the help of Order of the Golden Rose. This branch pays attention to the various people around John fulfilling their own purposes using him, as well as the supreme goddess hellbent on amplifying his already over-active sex drive.

Ivellius (Starts off with 4."Time to Recollect " branching off from Izix's 3."Creatively")

In this branch John is quite on edge about a mysterious faction that has seemingly claimed him, and is currently on an errand for a witch. Also there are monkeys.

Dadwood (Starts off with 3."Conservatively" branching off from TheDespaxas' 2."Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional.")

In this branch John has learned to absorb Demonic energy and succeeded in becoming the apprentice of the Scarlet Witch, one of the most powerful beings alive. Also this John uses Scythes.

ByThePowerOfSCIENCE (Starts off with 4."History Class" branching from Funatic's 3."Crafty")

In this branch John has begun his journey by bringing back a magic long thought to be dead, also there is promise of science in the future.

TryxieMora (Starts off with 7."A diffrent kind of calvary" branching from Izix's 6. "A visitor and a chase")

Follow along if you want to see John take the side of the 'Monsters' in a seedy war that's tearing through the abyss. There's plenty of action, drama, and high quality lewds in the works with some romance and a derp splashed in as well. In this branch, you'll be wondering who the bad guy really is after all...
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